Mozzarella Mandara


Mozzarella di latte di Bufala Vasetto 

Size 500 g (25×20 g)

Our Bocconcini di Mozzarella di latte di Bufala Mandara of 20g each are held into handy and resealable pots. They are perfect for a snack at home or at the office and are a tasty and nutritious appetizer. Eat as many as you want and should there be any left you can always put them back in their pack and keep them for next time.

Dispose the external film and the pot separately in the plastic container.


Ingredients: Pasteurised buffalo milk, starter culture (from milk), salt, rennet.

Keep refrigerated from 0°C to 4°C.

Mozzarella di latte di Bufala Vasetto is available in the refrigerated section.

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Typical nutritional values for 100g:

Energy:  283kcal/1171 kj

Proteins: 13,5g

Carbohydrates: 1gr

of which sugar: 1gr

Fat: 25gr

of which saturated: 16gr

Salt: 0,3gr