Mozzarella Mandara


A true family united by a passion for goodness

The Mandara family brings to the table the best buffalo mozzarella according to the dairy tradition of the past. All our products are made in Campania from fresh whole buffalo milk from controlled Italian farms for those who do not want to give up freshness and genuineness.

It’s easy to say mozzarella, it’s better to say Mandara!

It all began on a train. At the beginning of the 1970s, the train that took the young Peppino Mandara from the college in Sorrento to the creamery of his uncle Francesco, a true pioneer of the “white gold” in Campania. Very characteristic and perhaps even a little magical places where milk and its derivatives take shape and flavor, including delicious ice creams, and the famous whipped cream. Real delicacies of the time.

Peppino Mandara, the future owner of a company that will conquer international markets and link its name to some of the most famous brands in the agri-food industry, as soon as he can “runs” from school and runs to the city. He wants to learn but above all he wants to experiment, Peppino. He comes from a family with solid roots in the dairy world: in Agerola, on the Lattari Mountains (a name that is a bit of a sign of destiny) the Mandaras produce the best fior di latte in the area. But Peppino is fascinated by what Uncle Francesco is creating in the capital: a chain of creameries that offer the general public those small “jewels of flavor” that only the lucky ones who live in the production locations know.

From Mondragone the best traditional buffalo mozzarella

In the “bottega”, Peppino learns the art of the master cheesemakers who transform milk into the best mozzarella in the world and into many other “creations”. And, at the same time, he participated in the transformation of Uncle Francesco’s chain of creams which, close to the eighties, came to have eight stores in Naples, Rome and Milan. As the company grows, so do the production requirements. The factory, which, in the meantime, had dedicated itself exclusively to the supply of creams, moved to the “homeland” of buffalo mozzarella, the Domitian coast. In Mondragone, to be exact. And this is where Peppino Mandara’s real adventure begins. This is how the best buffalo mozzarella from Campania is born!

Mandara: tradition and innovation

That train that ran along the Sorrento coast and the coast of the Golden Mile, up to Naples, is now a faded memory. Peppino Mandara has put his family’s teachings to good use and developed a special intuition for innovation. An intuition that will allow him to follow commercial paths ten years ahead of the dairy market. In 1983, Peppino took over the factory in Mondragone from his uncle Francesco. Under his leadership, “Ilc Mandara” continued to grow and definitively left the borders of Campania to establish itself as a market leader.

Impresa Mandara, a large extended family

Every now and then, however, it happens that Peppino thinks back to that train. And so the idea was born, unprecedented for that time, to send fresh mozzarella to the north using the fastest railway lines of the time. It’s a success. In Milan, Turin and throughout the North, kilos and kilos of buffalo mozzarella, bocconcini, braids, ricotta and provolone arrive every day. Goodness never experienced before.

In the meantime, the Mondragone factory has become an industrial reality in all respects, but the management, the attention to detail, the attention of Peppino and his collaborators are the same as always. The company is a large extended family.

Mandara products: not only buffalo mozzarella

In 1997, as in all success stories, the moment of marriage arrived: “Ilc Mandara” married a large group specialized in the marketing of typical food products: Alival S.p.A. A partnership that allows Mandara to focus on production by outsourcing its own distribution activities, which now also have ramifications abroad. These were the years of Peppino’s thousand “inventions”: mozzarella in the brick, which made him famous throughout Italy and Europe; the new product lines. And much more.


What makes us number one: our family members


Since 1983 he has led the 'company that he follows with vision and enthusiasm. His creative and innovative ideas are sap for the whole team.

He was the first, thanks to the invention of the "Brik," to take buffalo mozzarella out of its production territory; the rest is history!




Silvia works with dedication to pass on the family identity from a contemporary perspective.

She quickly perceived that difficulties are overcome with a great team behind her. Her role is neuralgic because she manages relationships with Italian and foreign clients as well as being the guardian of the corporate identity.


Marketing & Sales Manager


His passion for motors, combined with a family fixation on quality, has led him to devote his heart and soul to researching increasingly cutting-edge production methods that, while respecting tradition, ensure that Mandara mozzarella's journey from the dairy to your table is increasingly sustainable.


General Manager


A key figure as she heads the company's most important department: quality control.

Luigia is a chemical engineer who coordinates the laboratory from the raw material to the finished product, performing microbiological analysis and species research. She manages and accompanies all the audits we receive, always obtaining the best results.


Head of quality assurance​


He is the master cheesemaker.

The passion with which he has worked in the Mandara Dairy for more than thirty years distinguishes him above all by his continuous search for the best quality milk. In constant communication with all other departments, he reports what the milk "tells" him: he knows it is a living material and treats it as a member of his team!


Chief cheese-maker​


He who has been monitoring and controlling the Mandara production area for several decades.

He has seen the company grow, calling it a great adventure to work as production manager. In constant contact with suppliers, Carmine is looking for the most cutting-edge packaging that combines environmental sustainability with product quality.


Head of production​


Administrative manager, she attentively and consistently follows all accounting.

The spirit with which she approaches her work is enviable and to be taken as an example. Accurate, serious and very attentive she coordinates the accounting needs of all departments ensuring continuous monitoring of the status of supplier and customer inventories.


Admin Officer


Leading the safety management department is Pasquale, who makes sure the company's facility is always on the cutting edge of certifications and installations.

From the installation of photovoltaic panels to the recent construction of a biomass plant that allows a byproduct of mozzarella cheese to be used to produce energy in a sustainable way.


Security Manager​


A technical and IT manager, Francis is the point of contact whenever there is a need for an IT upgrade or support for all company electronic equipment.

He monitors the operation of metal detectors and all equipment in the production and office areas.


IT Director


Gino oversees mozzarella production every day, checking daily how much milk comes in and how much mozzarella goes out.

He makes sure all orders are sorted on time and manages to do the impossible to ensure the satisfaction of all customers, from Sydney to Los Angeles via Dubai.


Production manager​


Nicholas is in charge of sorting and handling everything that comes in and out of the production dairy.

She is in charge of diligently replenishing the wrapping warehouse so that there is always what is needed on hand.

He is also in charge of managing the milk and water control team.


Warehouse manager


Head of the administrative department, John has seen the company grow by working closely with Giuseppe Mandara.

A point of reference for all our customers and suppliers, he is responsible for making ends meet on a daily basis, as well as responding to the needs and requests of all Mandara company members.


Accounting manager


The “orange cow”, iconic logo of the company, continues its unstoppable march: the company exports in most of the European countries and is one of the favorite cheeses in France, UK, Germany and East countries. Lately Mozzarella is also appreciated overseas in country such as Australia, USA, Canada and middle East. The roads of mozzarella, however, as we know, never end. And in recent years, Mandara's "white gold" has conquered gourmet tables in Australia, Japan, the Middle East and the United States.


Innovation has always been the guidance of Mandara family in its business choices. We are proud of being forerunner of many breakthrough in the dairy industry! The ability to invest in previously unexplored fields in the dairy sector has been rewarded by the preference given by our customers and consumers, and it is a source of pride for us!

  • Mandara has been the first company to start a cheese shop chain in franchising in the cities of Naples, Rome and Milan.
  • Introducing the brick format saves freshness. Mandara packaging was developed and patented by Giuseppe Mandara in 1994 and brought about a big change in the marketing of buffalo mozzarella. In fact, the conformation of this type of packaging allows a better preservation of mozzarella, making it possible to appreciate this local jewel outside the Italian borders.
  • Mandara internationalized the consumption of mozzarella, being the first to bring it abroad. Thanks to Mandara distribution, our products are purchased and consumed beyond European borders.