How is buffalo mozzarella made?

To be sure to reach the perfect taste and consistency, our buffalo mozzarella Mandara goes through different phases. Find out all the steps of our production process (HERE)

Where does the buffalo milk come from?

All the breeding farms that supply us milk are selected through strict controls carried out by our internal quality lab. Thanks to the investment in state-of-art equipments, we are able to carry out extremely detailed analysis, from the breeding farms to the final product

Check out our breeding farms here.

How was the mozzarella di bufala born?

Known as “the white pearl from Campania”, buffalo mozzarella is distinguished by its strong tradition and culture in the landscape of italian cheeses. The first appearance of buffalo mozzarella in official documents dates from the XII century, when a cheese named “Mozza” was offered to pilgrims by the monks of San Lorenzo in the area of Capua.
The reason why the buffalos settled in the Campania region is due to the favourable climatic condition of the area.
Being a fresh cheese to be consumed shortly after the day it is made, Buffalo mozzarella has been eaten only in its production area for a long time. Only in 1570 the term “Mozzarella” is used to describe the cheese in a famous book of Bartolomeo Scappi, the chef of the papal court at the time. The term comes from the act of cutting the spinned mass into a round shape, in italian “Mozzare”.
Around mid-XVII century, buffalo mozzarella became a consumer product, especially thanks to the Bourbons who set up a large breeding farm with a production factory in the area of Caserta. From that moment on the spread of buffalo mozzarella grew at the same pace of the transportation system.
The ancient history of buffalo mozzarella has been handed down the present time thanks to the traditional method of production still in place and to the modern techniques of packaging acquired over time.

How many calories in a serving?

The average nutritional values of 100g of buffalo mozzarella are:


Energy: 283kcal/1171 kj

Proteins: 13,5 g

Carbohydrates: 1 gr

-of which sugar: 1 gr

Fat: 25 gr

-of which saturated: 16 gr

Salt: 0,3 gr

Calcium: 400 mg *

Phosphorus: 200 mg **

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How can i purchase large quantities of Mandara Buffalo Mozzarella?

If you are throwing a large gathering and are in need of large quantities of Mandara buffalo mozzarella, we will try our best to accommodate your needs. Get in touch with us at info@mozzarellamandara.com, we will get back in no time

How can I get in touch with Mozzarella Mandara?

Fill the form on the page Contact Us or write us at info@mozzarellamandara.com, we want to hear from you!

How is Mandara Buffalo Mozzarella delivered?

The freshness of our products is one of our top priorities. This is why our buffalo mozzarella is shipped the same day of its production to reach its destination as fast as possible.

Can I work with Mandara Mozzarella?

Fill the form on the page “Contact Us”  we want to hear from you!

Does Mandara make buffalo mozzarella without lactose?

In order to meet the needs of those people who are lactose intolerant but don’t want miss the special taste of tradition, we developed our buffalo mozzarella “Zero Lattosio. It has a lactose content lower than 0,001% and is digestible for everyone.

How to store Mandara buffalo mozzarella?

Once opened, keep your Mandara buffalo mozzarella refrigerated up to 4 days. Remember to eat it at room temperature.

How to eat Mandara buffalo mozzarella?

Follow the intruction on our packs! Mozzarella is at its best when consumed at room temperature. Once opened, keep your Mandara buffalo mozzarella refrigerated up to 4 days.

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